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rent a cargo van

Looking to rent a cargo van for your moving needs? Ryder, Uhaul and Budget all are great choices for this endeavor. Find out more about cargo van rentals.

If you have a fairly light load to move, rent a cargo van to save on expenses.

Many times, we think our minivans or SUVs will be capable of moving some furniture and boxes, but we find that it doesn’t all fit. Or, even worse, we find that it doesn’t all fit without damaging your car’s roof, walls, or upholstery.

A great way to alleviate the stress of trying to fit everything safely into your own car is to rent a cargo van.

Most of the big name moving company operations—like Ryder, UHaul, and Budget—are in the business of renting out more than just huge trucks. They also have cargo vans available for you to use.

Whether you’re transporting items to your new apartment, setting up a stall at the county fair, or going on a furniture-buying expedition, a great way to avoid the hassle of hurting your car is to rent a cargo van.

Rent a Cargo Van: The Benefits

Renting a cargo van or city van is just as easy as pie. They are available at a great many places. Most major moving companies have a small fleet of these vans available for you to rent. And because these companies have locations in most major cities in the U.S. (and a good deal of small cities, too), they are extraordinarily easy to find.

Aside from their great availability, there many advantages you can enjoy when you rent a cargo van. Here’s a look at a few of them:

  • Cutting the Costs – Renting cargo vans is spectacularly cheaper than renting trucks, even small trucks.
  • Ease of Use – It can be difficult driving a big rig around the city, or even down the highway. Driving a cargo van is simple. It’s not much different than your minivan or SUV.
  • Plenty of Room – Don’t be worried about not having enough room in the back of the van. Cargo vans can typically carry up to 30 boxes or containers of all different shapes and sizes.

Rent a Cargo Van: Top Picks

If you do decide that you want to rent a cargo van on Moving Day, then you have a bit of a job ahead of you. Since there are so many options when it comes to companies that rent them, you have to do your homework and investigate the best deals out there.

To give you a little bit of a head start, here’s a look at three of the most widely available and dependable van renting companies on the market.


Known mostly for the big moving trucks they rent, Ryder also carries a nice selection of cargo vans. These vehicles seat two adults and have a great deal of storage space in the back. For even more room to move your possessions, take a look at the large-sized MetroVan option they have.


Getting 16 miles to the gallon, this automatic transmission van has 236 cubic feet of storage space and is able to hold more than 3,500 pounds. UHaul is one of the most popular moving companies in the world and their goods are always top of the line.


Ride in comfort with Budget’s selection of cargo vans. Air conditioner, stereo, dual airbag protection, power windows, and power brakes make this van an easy and safe ride. And don’t worry about storage space. There’s plenty of that, too.

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sandra hoke July 6, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I would like to know how much it would cost to rent a cargo van from Phoenix, Az (19th ave & Myrtle ave area) to Taos, NM area and come back to Az. We need to rent for only 2 days.

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